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Employment Tips

Interview Tips

The job interview is an important meeting and preparing carefully for it will help you be calm and organized,
allowing you to tell your story in a way that is concise, favourable and enticing.

Do Your Homework

Review and manage your online presence by Googling yourself and consider the results. Did any results come up that made you uncomfortable? Do the results paint a flattering picture of you? Did you see anything you wouldn’t want a recruiter or future boss to see? Ensure you’re aware of your security and privacy settings on social media to know what you’re sharing with the public.

Research the Employer

Look up the company that you’ll be interviewing with, read about its business and corporate philosophies
and search for the interviewers in the website’s About/Team section and on LinkedIn.

Familiarity with the company will help you present yourself with confidence and knowledge.

Prepare and Practice

Search for and review the most commonly asked interview questions.

Select a few that you find pertinent and develop and practice your answers.

Rehearse with a friend or colleague.

Don’t get stuck on exactly what you’ll say (you’re never sure what they’re going to ask!); instead, make note of your key talking points.

Bring Your A Game

Outfit – Determine what you’re going to wear the night before so you’re calm and organized the day of; ensure your outfit is clean, wrinkle free, professional and be aware of scent sensitive environments.

Timing – Be sure to arrive at the interview a few minutes ahead of schedule – tardy candidates always make a poor first impression.

Introduction – Extend your hand confidently and offer a firm handshake; use the interviewer’s name in the introduction to show respect and to help the name stick in your head (e.g., “It’s a pleasure to meet you,

Presentation – Be professional, sit with confidence, don’t squirm or fidget and try to relax and be yourself.

Connect with the Interviewer

Make eye contact and use the interviewer’s name during the interview to build rapport.

Often, if you establish a personal connection with the interviewer, you increase your chances of getting hired because people tend to hire candidates they like and feel would be a good fit for the company’s culture.

Listen carefully to the interview questions to ensure your answers correspond to the inquiry.

Ask Clever Questions

Show your interest in the company and the position by preparing meaningful questions for the interviewer.

If possible, use a topic mentioned by the interviewer during the meeting to highlight your listening skills.

Your questions help you assess if the company/position are a good fit for you and also give you the opportunity to further emphasize your best skills and qualities.

Worthwhile questions help showcase your knowledge of the industry and present you as a well prepared and informed candidate.

Part Friendly

When the interviewer indicates that the interview has concluded, thank the interviewer, offer a brief pleasantry and extend a firm handshake.

If possible, in your parting words, touch on a point of interest you discussed during the meeting so you stand out in his/her mind and strengthen your rapport.

Close the interview by asking for the position, “When can I start?”

Follow Post Interview Protocol

Within a few hours of the interview, send a polite “thank you” email that:

Notes the date/time of the interview and the position title
Uses the words “thank you” to show your appreciation for the interviewer’s time and consideration
Recaps a point discussed in the interview to help further build the connection with the interviewer
Expresses enthusiasm for future contact

Carefully proofread your email to ensure accuracy.

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