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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I apply for work?  

Temporary Employment:

We are currently accepting applications online here.

You will need two pieces of government identification as well as your Social Insurance Card or Confirmation of Social Insurance Letter when requested from our recruiter.


Temporary-to-Permanent or Permanent Employment: 

Apply with your resumé to jobs posted here. Please note, only suitable candidates will be contacted. 

How do I get paid?

You are paid by cheque, every Friday, for hours worked the week before.

We offer direct deposit. 

OUR OFFICE IS CURRENTLY CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC DUE TO COVID-19. Cheques will be mailed to you until further notice.

Your pay stub will show all government deductions.

Hourly pay is dependent on position, with minimum wage being the lowest wage. You will be informed of your hourly pay rate when an assignment is offered.

What type of work do you offer?

Various types of work are available. 

Temporary Employment:

Temporary employment is generally day-to-day work where the number of days per week is not guaranteed. This work is classified as General Labour and you will be working in Production, Manufacturing or Warehousing facilities. 

We also offer Fork Lift/Material Handing jobs in the same types of facilities. For these types of roles, you must carry a Canadian issued forklift licence from a reputable company (such as Work Safe Training Inc. or Liftow Instructional Services) and you must have at least two years’ experience. 

Visit our Current Opportunities page for job postings.

Temporary-to-Permanent and Full-Time Permanent Employment:

Visit our Current Opportunities page for job postings.

I have applied for a day-to-day General Labour job. What time should I call for work? 

Once you apply, Willing Plus will call you for your first shift. After that, you must call in daily to see if there is a shift available for you. 

If you’re on a day shift: Call during your break or at the end of your shift

If you’re on an afternoon shift: Call before 6:00pm or in the morning for a shift the next day

If you’re on a night shift: Call first thing in the morning when you are done your shift

The best times to call are:

  • 7:00am – We often need staff who can work immediately as production changes and emergency orders are very common in the morning
  • 11:00am to 12:30pm for an afternoon shift the same day
  • 2:00pm the day before, for a day shift the next day
  • 3:00pm for the midnight shift the same day
  • 3:00pm Friday for the weekend shift

What type of shifts do you offer?

Various shifts are available including day, afternoon, midnight and weekend. We do recommend being available for more than one shift as this may offer more opportunities. 

We cannot guarantee weekend-only work. Most weekend work is heavy lifting and industrial cleaning. 

How long is a shift or work day?

Most shifts are 7-8 hours but can be anywhere from 3 hours to 12 hours. We do not offer part-time hours.  

Where is the location of the work you have available?

We have various job locations in many areas across the GTA: North York, Etobicoke, Brampton, Mississauga, Vaughan, Scarborough, Richmond Hill and Markham. We do recommend being available for more than one area as this may offer more opportunities.

Do I need steel toe safety shoes?

Yes! All of our General Labour, Production and Forklift Operator positions require steel toe safety shoes. If you show up to an assignment without them, you will be sent home without pay and disciplinary action may take place.

Must I notify Willing Plus if I am not available for work?

Yes! You must inform the Willing Plus office by calling 416-398-3873 if you are not available to be scheduled for work. Failure to make this notification whenever you require “time off” may negatively impact Willing Plus’s ability to quickly and effectively fill work orders and/or may hurt your chance for future assignments.

How do I notify Willing Plus if I need a day off work?

You must inform the Willing Plus office by calling 416-398-3873 at least 48 business hours before the date you are scheduled to work. For example: If you need Wednesday off, you must call the office on the Friday of the week before. If you need Thursday off, you must call the office on the Monday the same week. 

How do I become a “Featured Employee”?

A “Featured Employee” is someone who has accepted all assignments, arrives to work on time, follows the GMPs and training provided and receives good reviews by a supervisor. 

My friend is working at one job site…can I work there too?

We invite you to come in and apply and, based on your availability, we will determine your assignment. We do not guarantee work so we cannot guarantee that we can send you with your friend. We fill our work orders for all of our clients based on their needs and our field staff availability.

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