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Declutter to Destress: Tips You Can Start Using Today

Are you stressed in some areas of your home or office? Clutter has been found to make people feel stressed, anxious and depressed. Research has found the levels of cortisol, a stress hormone, were higher in mothers in cluttered home environments. Even if you aren’t a mother, we can all benefit from starting to declutter to destress.

So if clutter causes stress, then decluttering is a stress buster!

September brings cool breezes and the start of something new, like a new grade to enter, a new school to attend, a new city to move to or new school supplies to pick up and organize. Even if you or someone you know isn’t going back to school, some may be starting a new job or thinking back to those school days. September marks a great time to get your office, home office or home organized and decluttered!

Boxes to declutter labelled "keep", "donate", and "trash" with clothes and shoes on the floor.

If you haven’t already binged Tidying Up with Marie Kondo over this past year while in lockdown and learned the magic of choosing joy, let us introduce you! You can learn more from the tidying expert herself by checking out her site here to begin your own journey.

Short on time? Check out The Fly Lady and become a fly baby by following her quick tools to start small such as the 27-Fling Boogie where you walk around your house and quickly find 27 things that are garbage or collect 27 things you no longer need to give away. Or you can try the 5 Minute Room Rescue where you set a timer and clean as much as you can in that time.

Looking for a room-by-room breakdown? Click to expand the infographic below for easy-to-follow steps and tips for decluttering your home!

Decluttering the home infographic

Need more motivation? You can try The 30-Day Declutter Challenge or you could even try it all in One Day!

If you’re feeling overwhelmed to start on your own, maybe you know a friend that is great at decluttering; ask them to give you a hand! And if you are that friend, you may want to think about supporting those in your bubble.

Whatever your skill level in decluttering, or your level of need to declutter in your home, we hope that one of these resources has inspired you to get started this long weekend!

We’d love to see your progress so feel free to tag us in your pre and post declutter pictures!

Happy Decluttering!

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