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Manage Stress at Work

Feeling stress at work?

Last month we shared the 4 Core Strategies for Managing Stress and some activities and resources you could use to start putting them into practice. Now we are showing you how we can manage stress at work by taking these same strategies and implementing them into the workplace, whether you continue to work from home or are back in the office!

Four Core Strategies for Managing Stress and Anxiety from Nicabm, adapted from Dr. Shelly Harrell

These stress reducing activities are ways to help you shift your awareness or attention, get creative or reflective and finding ways to live a healthy lifestyle.

Detach From Stress: Awareness of the Body

Calm the mind and focus it on the body and the present moment. These practices are called that for a reason, they become easier with practice and you don’t need to master them first to use them. Find some easy samples below. And remember that breathing exercises can be done anywhere and no one will know you are really taking a minute to get back to the present moment and take care of yourself. 

Loosen Stress With Creative Expression

Creative expression is used to channel your stress into more productive enjoyable ways.  When thinking of your work day here are some ways to increase creativity and decrease stress in your day.

Set up your work station

Creative work wardrobe

Listen to music while you work

Share your talents at team meeting

Request a project that would benefit from your creative skills

Fun team meeting ideas to increase creativity

Reflective Exploration: What Is Driving the Stress?

Reflective exploration helps us get in touch with our thoughts and feelings. Here are some simple ways to explore stressors at work.


Self monitor – keep notes of the days, tasks , coworkers or timelines that cause stress and when most productive or calm at work

Communication – talk to trusted work colleague, supervisor or HR about things bothering you at work

Minimize Stress With A Healthy Lifestyle

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle helps us build physical resilience and develop strategies that aid to ward off stress.  Here are some ways to use some of these strategies at work.

Walk to work at lunch or outside activity with coworkers (follow public health recommendations)

Healthy Quick Breakfast Ideas

Healthy Quick Bag Lunch Ideas

Building Relationships in the Workplace

Stay Hydrated

*If you need immediate support around anxiety or excessive stress, please refer to our recent post.*

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